Wondering About God?

 Life with Meaning:
Within each person is a longing for fulfillment, an insatiable desire to find happiness and purpose.
Some look for it in money and possessions, acquiring more and more, yet remaining less than satisfied.
Some people seek gratification and success by pouring their lives into a career.  Unfortunately, when they finally reach the top, the nagging emptiness returns.
Others look for fulfillment through relationships.  They join social clubs, attempt to strengthen family ties and add to their list of friends.  However, because no one is perfect, people let us down.
The tragedy is that people are searching in the wrong places.  The God who created us made us to be truly fulfilled only when we are in fellowship with Him.  He is the missing dimension.  He knows us best and wants to give our lives full meaning and joy.  Yet, He allows us to decide our own life's course.  We have the freedom to turn to God or to turn away, but the consequesnces are eternal.
Grace Brethren Churches are commiteed to helping people discover that abundant life, not just on Sunday's, but every day.
CE National pamphlet 1994 with New Internationl Version of the bible