I am Ron Smals, Lead Pastor, at Woodville Grace Brethren Church.  I am writing this letter seeking funding for the unique and fascinating ministry that Woodville Grace Brethren Church is providing to its neighborhood.

The neighborhood in which WGBC is located is made up of mostly poor people.  The church is committed to helping people within a one-mile radius of the church.  Within that one-mile radius are approximately 12,000 people.  Of that 12,000 people, 61% of them qualify for food assistance from the Cleveland Food Bank.  That number is a staggering 7,320 people who are in need of food assistance.

Our church purchases the food from the Cleveland Food Bank and distributes food to 150 families per month representing 500 people on average.  In the last year we distributed enough food for more than 52,000 meals.

The problem we are facing is concerning funding for the ministry that we are providing to our community.  We desperately need to add an addition to our already undersized facility.  However, we are not a rich church with deep pockets.  Due to the location of our church building, we are reaching very poor people.  We are barely able to support our current ministries.  A building addition will take a miracle.
We are paying $360 per month to rent a pod to store the food for our food ministry.  To add on will eliminate the need for paying rent.
Food is not all we do.  We also provide a preschool ministry with 31 students. We have an Awana ministry for children to help keep them off the streets and to learn how to live productive lives.  We go into the Community Alternative Center (a step-down jail) to provide Bible studies to help the men and women get back on the right path.  We have a woodworking ministry that enables men to help other men who need to learn a woodworking trade.
As you can tell, we are not a church just doing church.  We have a great desire to be church and minister to the community in which we are located.  Our hope is to see lives changed for the better so that they can lead productive and healthy lives.
I have included a portfolio that highlights our ministries and their objectives.  We have great vision for what can happen in the future.   We have 10 acres of land that are owned out right.  As funds are provided, we have the capacity to do great things to improve our “hood.”
Our church families have committed to give $260,000 of the $750,000 needed to complete this project.  We still need $490,000 to fully pay for the much needed building.  Plus, we need $12,000 annually to carry out our food pantry ministry.
May God help you decide if you are able and willing to help us do what God has placed us here to do!  If you have questions or would like to speak to me personally, feel free to call me at (419) 524-8552 (Office) or at (567) 274-0080 (Cell) or e-mail me at


Building Expansion to Food Pantry: $750,000

Food Distribution: $1,000/month, $12,000/year