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OK, I admit it! Many times, I am insecure. I fear I am not smart enough, not attractive enough, not good enough, not likable, …..., you fill in the blanks.

Insecurity is something all humans struggle with. Young, old, male and female. While it is common among humanity, it doesn’t mean it is something we have to live with. It can be painful, and debilitating but we can help control it.

Let’s look at insecurity:

  • Fear- We can’t talk about insecurity without first talking about fear. Fear is a shared feeling among humanity. Everyone is afraid. It is part of our DNA. Every human-male or female, believer or unbeliever-across the globe, has been created in the image of God. And since we are created by God, the fear of him is ingrained in our very being. However, our sin complicates this reality. Since our sin poisons our hearts and minds and feeds us lies, it redirects our fears to other things. Instead of fearing God, we fear people, we fear ghosts, we fear heights, we fear spiders, we fear public speaking, we fear darkness…. I think you get the point. All these fears can seem very real, but they cannot destroy the soul and the body in hell. There is only one who can do that, and He is the one who deserves my fear.

  • Insecurity is a form of Fear- Understanding this can assist you in your fight.

  • Fear can control you- Understanding its power can help you when you pray.

If fear dominates your life, ultimately it destroys everything God wants to do for you.

David Jeremiah

  • Fear is Painful- fear can be filled with anxiety, worry and discomfort. It can hurt.

  • However, Fear is Good- Yes, I just said that! The Bible tells us that fear is something that fosters wisdom in the foolish. Proverbs (1:7) For the Christian we can say fear is needed. Fear is ultimately a good thing.

Jesus said:

Do not those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather Him who is able to destroy both and body and soul in hell.

Matthew 10:28

  • We must redirect our fear. But How? By changing our focus.

  • Insecurity is self-focused- We are insecure because we are focused on self. We all know that we are broken. Insecurity draws us to focus on ourselves. Redirect our focus to focus on God.

  • We are insecure because of our sin- We are sinners, and other people are sinners. People sin against us and we suffer from it. Sin’s appetite is insatiable. When we downplay its presence, sin’s growth is guaranteed. Be aware of sin, acknowledge it, and fight it.

How do we Overcome Insecurity?

  • Being OK with what you see in the mirror. Many people have referred to the Bible as a mirror. That is, it can reveal things about us that we really didn’t see. The Bible can also reveal many things about our sin and point us to Jesus and what he saved us from.

  • The Bible also can serve as a window-We can look through the window of scripture that displays His truths and riches to help us reflect on Him.

  • Getting our focus off ourselves-We need to stop looking at the mirror and start looking through the window. To stop fearing others and start fearing God. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs (1:7a)

  • Be Humble- Humility is fearing the Lord. By nature, we are proud and self-focused.

If I like you, I want you to like me back.This isn’t quite true. If I like you, I want you to like me back a little more than I like you. We prefer to be liked loved and admired more that we want to like love and admire.

Ed Welch

  • Obedience is fearing the Lord. Jesus says-If you love me you will keep my commandments-(John 14:15).

  • Prayer is fearing the Lord. Prayer is admitting we need help. Prayer feeds the fear of the Lord because it moves us to reflect on God’s goodness.

  • Getting a New Perspective- This world places value on temporal things. Things like money, popularity, good looks, “likes”, and “followers”. The writer of Proverbs calls us to see the exceeding value of wisdom and to search for it and call out for it. We must not let our accomplishments outpace our character. Our resumes do not excuse our rebellion.

  • Hating Evil-Proverbs 8:13 -Fearing the Lord is the hatred of evil. As followers we are to strive to love the things He loves and hate the things He hates.

Awkward, embarrassing and painful are the words describing insecurity. If there is anything good, we can say about insecurities it is this, they are awkward, embarrassing, and painful.

The Good News is, our savior Jesus Christ has purchased a home for us with no awkwardness, no embarrassments, and no pain. You will always be included. You will never feel betrayed or hurt. You will never shed one more tear of sadness. All the pain, misery, and sorrow associated with our insecurities will one day end. They will be no more. This world is not our home. There is another home more beautiful than anything this world has to offer. Fearing God and doing His will, leads you home.

But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in or steal;

Matthew 6:20

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