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Sweat Equity!

I know God loves to hear the sound of our voices when we sing songs of praise. But you know what God loves even more? God loves the smell of your sweat. It stinks to high heaven, but it is a sweet aroma to God when you break a sweat serving His purpose.

Our energy turns into beautiful melodies, and its music to God's ear. It also helps us build sweat equity in His Kingdom.

Mark Batterson

We have learned what it means to love God with all our heart, soul, and mind. But compassion, wonder, and curiosity aren't enough. Strength is the final frontier.

So what does it man to love God with all your strength?

It means spending tremendous amounts of energy for kingdom causes. It means blood, sweat, and tears. It means good old-fashioned hard work.

Christianity was never intended to be a noun. And when we turn it into one it becomes a turnoff. Christianity was always intended to be a verb. We have got to act on God ideas. We need to obey the promptings of the Holy spirit. We need to seize opportunities to serve. Talk is cheap and God isn't going to say, " Well said good and faithful servant". God doesn't reward what we know. He doesn't reward what we say. He rewards the expenditure of energy.

Many Christians get bored and are frustrated with the gap between theology and reality.

The way to close the gap and feel that "holy rush" of adrenaline again, is to break sweat serving others. It doesn't matter how big or how small, every calorie burned for the kingdom cause earns compound interest for eternity. And it will fill the emptiness in your soul.

The greatest moments in life are those moments when a God idea is conceived in your mind. Something comes alive within you and it is absolutely energizing.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus said, "Go". So why do we operate with a red light mentality. It seems like many of us are waiting for the green light we have already been given.

Mark Batterson

As Christ Followers we need to take the why not approach to life. It dares to dream. Its bent toward action. And it is not looking for excuses not to do something.

Recently in my home church. I witnessed my brothers and sisters listen to the call of the Holy Spirit and take the necessary action in our church to help grow the church. Although it was met with resistance, they continued, and though blood, sweat, and tears, the results are absolutely beautiful. I love my brothers and sisters for following the call and seeing it through.

The promptings of the Holy Spirit won't always make sense to your logical left brain. But that is when you need to allow the Holy spirit to override your intellect.

Faith is not faith until it is acted upon. Faith without works is dead.

So is love without energy.

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