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PayPal provides an easy pay-online interface that you can use for your tithe. However, PayPal does charge us a small fee for each transaction (specifically 2.2% of the transaction, plus $0.30). For that reason, we're providing this simple tithe calculator so that you can be sure you're giving the church your whole tithe. Just enter the amount you want to tithe, and we'll calculate the amount you should give to offset PayPal's charges.


Please note that this requires a PayPal account with a connected bank account or card. When you click the button below, you will be taken to PayPal and prompted to login. Alternatively, you may mail a check to avoid any processing fees (our address is in the footer of this page).

On PayPal's interface, there is a memo line you can use if you are giving to a specific cause. If you leave that empty, it will be considered a General Fund contribution.

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