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Practice Tuesday nights from 6 to 7:30 pm


Mission Statement

The WGBC worship team is committed to worshiping in spirit and truth (John 4:34) with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind (Luke 10:27) and to facilitating and encouraging this same mindset amongst the members of the congregation, in preparation both for the service and for the week to come.

Vision Statement

The worship team views it's role as, first, to seek God's face whole-heartedly and to invite His presence in our lives, and second, to lead others in doing the same. We desire to facilitate an atmosphere of freedom during worship that encourages everyone to participate with every part of their being to the extent that they are comfortable, and we yearn to see God's glory fill our praise in such a way that it spills over into every facit of our lives.


  • Servanthood: We are committed to serving WGBC in facilitating a time of worship that encourages engagement and the pursuit of God's heart above all else. We lay aside our own preferences of style, speed, volume, and mood; our favorite songs; and our roles during worship, choosing instead to embrace whatever will lead the congregation before God's throne. (Mark 10:42-45)

  • Humility: We recognize that our musical talents are gifts from God, given for the encouragement of the body, and we commit to using them for His purpose alone to bring glory and honor to Him. We will not perform in such away as to honor ourselves, but rather seek to point to Him who chose us as His stewards. (John 3:30)

  • Unity: We commit to unity as a team, to a singleness of purpose and to a balanced and unified sound, wherein no one part stands out, but rather each part complements the whole. (I Corinthians 12:12-13)

  • Skill: We are committed to playing skillfully, to using our God-given talents to their fullest, and to always striving to grow and improve as musicians. We advocate that playing with skill and playing with humility need not be mutually exclusive, and thus seek to honor God with our abilities while pushing ourselves to be the best that we can be. (Psalm 33:3)

  • Creativity: We observe God's creativity in the way He made us and the earth around us, and we seek to emulate that by being creative in our music both individually and collectively. (Exodus 35:30-33 and Ecclesiastes 9:10-11)

  • Passion: We desire to be foremost in WGBC's pursuit of holiness, worshiping at all times and with every part of our being. We commit to sincerity in worship and to accepting how others worship, even if it looks different from the way we worship. We long to set an example in worship of a truly surrendered heart, abandoned to God's purpose and disposal. (Luke 10:27 and Psalm 84:2)


This is a YouTube playlist of all potential new songs I'm considered introducing (some we'll probably never get to, and some we may only do as team specials). It looks like one video, but if you click on the top right icon (three bars with a play arrow at the bottom), you'll get a tray of all the songs. Once you hit play, this icon will go away. You have to hover on the video to bring it back. This is easier (for me) than maintaining an ever growing collection of YouTube embed iframes. The songs are in at least a vague semblance of order based on how soon I think we'd do them (but it's not guaranteed and will likely change over time as I hear new songs or feel differently about others). Feel free to give feedback or make suggestions about songs you like.

Alternatively, if you'd like to be able to see the full list of songs at all times (there's no way to do this with YouTube embedding), you can just use the following button to open the playlist in Youtube.

And here's a playlist of most of the newer songs from our library if you just want to learn our current songs better. Like above, there's a slide out tray of songs here, or you can use this button to go straight to this list in YouTube.

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