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I See Jesus

The following is a poem prayer that was given to me by a member of Woodville Grace Brethren Church. This member asked to remain anonymous.

I See Jesus

I see Jesus looking at me

I see His eyes full of compassion

I see His face full of love

I see His arms reaching out to me

Wait, He's coming toward me

He sees my sins, my shortcomings, why me, He knows all about me.

Shouldn't He go the other way?

Oh, how my heart is racing – What's He going to do?

I see Jesus, He's standing in front of me

Still His eyes full of compassion

His face full of love

His arms outstretched

Wait, His hand is touching me

What a powerful touch

I see Jesus looking at me full of forgiveness and love

Saying I forgive you

Please come with me to be my child

I see Jesus and I walking hand in hand toward the cross

I see Jesus as He watches me kneel before the cross asking forgiveness for my sins – accepting His blood as it covers me

I see Jesus raising me up and saying

I forgive you, I love you

I see Jesus still holding me up into "new life" with Him

I see Jesus.

I see Jesus walking with me everyday, holding me up.

I see Jesus helping me to trust and love Him more.

Oh how I want His approval on how I am living for Him.

I see Jesus waiting patiently to come to my rescue for the shortcomings I still have in me

I see Jesus, He's forgiving me once again

Oh, how He still love me and forgives me

I see Jesus waiting for me to call upon His name to help me to live for Him.

I see Jesus waiting for the time I will join Him for eternity.

He's waiting for the right time.

I'll join Him with all the other saints.

Oh, I can hear the trumpet sound now

I can see Jesus in the clouds – ready to say "Come up, my child – Come up all you children of mine – I have prepared a place for you – Eternity with me is waiting for you."

I see Jesus – His arms wide open to welcome us in His Heavenly home for eternity.

I see Jesus as we worship Him in our eternal home.

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